Our Divisions

Accent On Construction
Accent On Construction Logo

Accent On Construction has a highly qualified team with a can-do, can-deliver attitude. We find the right solutions for your project needs in construction, maintenance or project management. Our expertise is backed by over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Accent On Electrical
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Accent On Electrical provides reliable, quality electrical services throughout the Auckland region. Our skilled technicians provide the highest level of service and standards, modern vans, and all of the latest equipment.

Accent On Plumbing
Accent On Plumbing

Accent On Plumbing is dedicated to providing a premium level of service. We work with you to deliver the plumbing services you require, with no surprises. Whether you need plumbing maintenance in a single building or a commercial block, we service the Auckland region’s plumbing needs with a variety of installation and maintenance services.

Accent On Civil

Accent On Civil has highly trained and experienced staff with the necessary resources, modern vehicles and equipment to provide the highest level of service and standards in civil and drainage. We recognise the importance of Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Environmental, and to ensure this, our Quality Systems and Procedures are ISO accredited through Telarc NZ.

Accent On Scaffolding
Accent On Scaffolding Logo

Accent On Scaffolding includes a team of strategic experts who will work to the needs of your site to deliver a safe, reliable solution every time. However big (or small) your project is, we have the equipment and people to pull it together. Make your vision come to life with the support of quality scaffolding when and where you need it.